About Us

Our Mission is to create an ecosystem between end-buyers & manucaturers/suppliers to stop counterfeting with the help of deep technologies..

Our Mission & Vision

Counterfeit medicines claims the lives of one million people each year. That’s more than those who die from malaria or from wars around the world alone. Rezmo’s goal is to put an end to counterfeiting so that not one more person dies because of it.

There has been an explosion of the threat of counterfeiting over the past decade. Many brands, companies as well as governmental entities have accepted counterfeiting as part of usual business, simply trying to subsequently limit its effects.

At Rezmo, we believe that counter-attacking is still possible. Our technology allows for an efficient and permanent response to the threat of counterfeiting.

Our Product

Rezmo is an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing the product's packaging with a neural network, using only a cellphone camera.

Before Purchase, users can take the picture of packaging and send to our AI based chatbaot through whatsapp.

Our AI (deep learning) platform analyse the packaging and verify the product details within fraction of second.

Our Services

Our solution is the only pre-purchase solution in the market.Users can verify before purchase.

Anti-counterteing solution

Our solution is full-proof & low cost anti-counterfeiting solution

Marketing Solution

Unique marketing solution on whatsapp comes free with anti-counterfeiting solution

Track & Trace

We also provide track & trace along with anti-counterfeiting solution


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